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Bohnenkamp SRL
Registrul Comertului: J23/6878/2021
cod TVA: RO44635935

Director General:
Mihai Ionescu

Bohnenkamp SRL
Str. Rasaritului 47G 
070000 Buftea, Ilfov
Tel. +40 755844544

With tyres not yet available it regularly happens that tyre details subsequently change (recalculation etc.) In this case please observe:

All tyre details such as for example cross-sectional width or rolling circumference are calculated values. Due to production tolerance, minimal deviations are possible. All technical information in this website are based on information provided by the manufacturers. The content is non-binding and serves solely for information purposes. This information is not to be seen as offers in the sense of applicable lawful regulations and does not justify any contractual relationship with regard to the presented products.

So long as not clearly and otherwise stated, they will also not become integral parts of the contract of existing or future contracts of Bohnenkamp and the products, whether explicitly or tacitly also not with regard to the relevance, correctness, completeness and quality of the information or the availability of the products. The information provided in this website and the products and services described therein can be amended or updated at any time by Bohnenkamp AG without prior notice.

+40 755844544

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